Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before coming into Dr. Terrell’s Office I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was feeling awful. I began to get frustrated with traditional medicine and was feeling helpless. It was recommended to me to try acupuncture. Dr. Terrell was on a list provided by my insurance company. I decided to make an appointment although I was nervous and apprehensive. I found Dr. Terrell to always be pleasant and helpful. He takes the extra time to listen and he explains how the nervous system is involved with everything in your body. I enjoy coming into the office and I feel like I know the staff and they know me well. I am 200% better and highly recommend and encourage others to start care at Horizon Chiropractic. It will improve their health, attitude and quality of life."

~ Teresa H.

"I was experiencing chronic pain in my left hip and low back. It was interfering with my sleep and physical activity. I met Dr. Terrell at an employee sponsored health fair where we discussed my health problems. I made an appointment to go into his office for further evaluation based on xrays and other diagnostic tests. He then recommended a plan of care he thought would work and the potential outcome emphasizing the importance of my involvement in the path to good health. I have greatly improved and am far along the road to overall wellness thanks to Dr. Terrell’s commitment to providing information on how to achieve that wellness. The team at Horizon chiropractic is exceptional, knowledgeable and caring. I will say to others that underlying problems might be ignored unless seen by a professional who understands the spine and nervous system. The ignored problems become severe enough to demand care. Early intervention can lead to shorter treatment and recovery time. The initial evaluation is a small time investment in your future health and wellness. Just do it!"

~ Karen W.

"I was having severe pain in my back. My wife found Dr. Terrell through our online network of Doctors. I made an appointment looking for a fix for my bad back. I have one sentence to describe the practice “I just feel my day’s best after coming out of Doctor Terrell’s office.” I would describe the rest of the team as “Comfortable.” I feel great and look forward to achieving a better balance in my life. Give chiropractic a try. I guarantee that it will not hurt and you will feel great. Call Horizon chiropractic at 703 691 2225."

~ Salman A.

"I was in chronic pain for over 15 years and was hesitant to visit a Chiropractor as my primary care physician was against it. I decided to give Chiropractic a try and went to see Dr. Terrell. What I discovered was that Dr. Terrell takes the time to understand your physical issues, more importantly he is a coach and a guide as you go through the process. Dr. Terrell truly cares about the quality of life his patients have going forward. The rest of the team is absolutely wonderful. They are warm, caring, efficient, professional, and exude a sense of joy in the work they do. They go above and beyond to make chiropractic care a seamless addition to my busy schedule.I am feeling 80% better than when I first started care with Dr. Terrell. I have a better quality of life and no longer feel that pain will be the first obstacle I face in the morning. I believe if there is a non-surgical option that can potentially enhance one’s quality of life, there should be no question in getting yourself checked. Take control of your health. Don’t accept the notion that you have to live life with the pain. You have nothing to lose and quality of life to gain by exploring chiropractic as an option."

~ Nehal T.

"Running is very important to me and I am on the track team at my school. My body started to feel weak and tired during hard workouts and during my races. Doctor Terrell recommended to my dad that I have a check up at his chiropractic office to evaluate the reason for this weakness that I was experiencing. I have been going into the office for care and enjoy working with Doctor Terrell. He is very nice and gets me in and out of the office quickly. The office team is extremely friendly. I feel stronger during my races and in practice. I have seen a lot of improvement in my races. I would recommend others to get their spine and nervous system checked because it has helped me feel much better."

~ Eric H.


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